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Thanks for bringing us so far in such a short time!!


                                     Meat, chevy4life, CTFxC, and the rest of the Epic Team

All credit goes to the original authors.

Undercover Burnside Police


Working flares in front/rear lights. A perfect addition to any police collection.

Slammed Burnside


Lights are from a '67 Monaco, lowered by josh99, and the grille is from a Chrysler 300. Just watch out for curbs!

Burnside Beater Wagon


Every redneck's dream.

AAA S10 Service Truck


Title sums this one up.


Slammed Limo


Pimp in style with this low limo. Included in the Slammed Burnside download.

Track Bandit


Look good on the track with this bandit. Also included is a street version of the car, wearing similar paint.

Derby Burnside


A much updated version of my old one, this car is much better. Includes an entirely new paint scheme, rims, missing nosecone, and moved front bumper.

Deluxe Bandit


Improved driving characteristics and a cool paint job.

Badass Bandit


A cool coupe.

1949 Ford Beater


Still WIP, will try to find a better soundscript. The car is lowered, rusty, and very dirty. Even is missing two hubcaps.

Plymouth Barracuda


Some minor alterations to the stock barracuda. New rims,paint, and windows

Ford Wrecker Pack


Was the 92 Ford Pack, but I threw in a 1975. All trucks are functional.

Truckerman & Sons MV4


A modded N24 wth custom paint and interior. Matches the towing pack.

Burnside Rally

My very first mod. The car is great on any surface and its very responsive. 4WD as well.

Burnside Super Sport Coupe


Matte hood, new rims, wood grain wheel, and lots of power. A must have!


UPDATE: Chrome wheel glitch fixed

1970 Ford Torino......


NOTICE:  70dartman did not make the car at all. It was made by 0to60in2pt9seconds.


We are deeply sorry here at rorcarmods for this, and we WILL NOT let it happen again. We want to keep a clean record on this site, and this was truly unacceptable.


                                                                                                  -The EPIC RoR Team

1970 Ford Torino Flatout 2 Version


The car features bull bars from the Shaker (aka Trigger Finger), wheels from the Switchblade (flatout 2 only), and the number 35 (just a nice number).


Same resolution issue.


UPDATE: MP issue solved

1973 Ford Falcon


Our Falcon includes a custom paint job, realistic rims, a low-profile spoiler, a one-off plate, and hidden lights under the grille. Also, the car is 4WD. Enjoy! 

Badass Burnside Convertible


Custom rims, blanket seats, an awesome soundscript, and extra chrome are only a few of the cool things you'll find on this car

2006 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution Saquet Edition


Based entirely off the profile pic of one of our facebook fans. A small thank you for taking epicrorcars to 942 downloads!

Phast Phantom G20


We have permission from silvermanblue himself to release this. You can all thank chevy4life for that. We need credits for this, so here it goes:


FlashG: Original mesh
Creak: Chassis + tuning
VeyronEB: Mesh repairing and modifying+wheels and AO baking
DarthCain: KUV box
Dkutch: tuning
Silvermanblue: original convert and flaring

chevy4life: 2nd tuning

Me: Stance and paint

Willard Faction  (improved)


This car was a pain in the aft end to do but we finally got it to where the car doesn't deform on spawn (except for a minor part of the trunk). Also, it now is driveable with down tuned specs and a height increase.  It now has a bandit soundscript now, so no more glass-shattering noises. Still not an offroad car, but much improved. Enjoy guys!